2013.06.06 :: The council of architecture, communities and municipality communities present “ Actualité de l’ Architecture 2013 ” during the opening night on the 6th JUN , 6p.m, at the Bas-Rhin’s Council of Architecture.

On this occasion, the Drusenheim Cultural Center belongs to the exhibition for the 37 new architectural and urban planning’s projects in Bas-Rhin.





2013.07.19 :: Memorial ceremony of the Australian soldiers fallen in the Fromelles’ battle in 1916, where the new museum is also located.


20130301fromelles01.jpg   P1000702.jpg



2013.06.22 :: Opening of the Saint Hilaire’s Mediacenter to the public on the 22 June.


IMG_1020.jpg   photo9.jpg



2013.06.20 :: Presentation of the comparison office to the new Dervallières Offices’s users.





2013.05.30 :: Opening Ceremony of the  Bale Airport ‘s Business Center.





2013.05.13 :: SERERO Architects is the winner for the restricted competition of the new Lezoux mediacenter ( 63 ) >> voir le projet ici


Lezoux_01.jpg  Lezoux_10.jpg



2013.05.02 :: Fours prototypes development and testing at the Isle d’Abeau’s Grands Ateliers with Paris-Malaquais School Architecture’s students




2013.04.30 :: Follow the progress of our work on our Facebook page.


facebook03.gif   Follow us !




2013.01.24 :: Turnover of the new Amiens University’s library, auditorium and workshop.





2012.12.01  :: Installation of glazing during the public visit to the site planned by Meudon City, in the presence of David Serero, architect and Mr. Marseille, the Mayor of the city.




2012.09.01 :: Public visit of the new Meudon’s Cultural Center, planned by Meudon City, in the presence of David Serero, architect and Mr. Marseille, the Mayor of the city.


la foto10.jpg



2012.05.01 ::  Laying the first foundation stone of the Saint Hilaire’s Mediacenter, in the presence of the President of the Saint Hilaire municipalities association.









2013.04.05 :: And here is the progress of the construction of Saint Hilaire's media library !




Starting up of the assembly of the metallic skeleton of the double-skin



Installation of the metallic skeleton of the canopy: galvanized steel


photo2.jpg    IMG_0969.jpg

Progress of the north façade.



Detail angle of East and North facades


photo9.jpg    IMG_0982.jpg

The glazing silk-screened made of metallic net finally arrived!

Sub-face of the canopy.



Cleaning of grounds before installation of a filler of finish.



Finish of joints and cleaning of the stone

Zinc with standing joint facing.



View of the angle of North and West facades, form the square of the church.



Check of the canopy’s skeleton from the roof.



Sunset on the West façade.





Construction of the battle’s museum of Fromelles.


IMG-20130301-00445.jpg     IMG_0840.jpg

Bright hole on “matricé” concrete



Beware , flying concrete wall ?



“Musée de la bataille de Fromelles” , engraved in the concrete wall of the entrance.



Bright holes are setting in the reception hall.


IMG_3911.jpg  IMG_3911.jpg






IMG_1110.jpg   prunus-yedoensis.jpg

Selection of trees in the tree plantation of Tortefontaine. Choice of a prunus Yeodensis which will blows in the same time of  those of Japan.



Overview of the project and the Fromelles’s church.







Business Center EuroAirport was recently delivered !


IMG_0865.jpg   20130301fromelles11.jpg

Tarmac, on the background.                                           Façade, on the tarmac side. Subdivision glazed with    

                                                                                              integrated blinds


Follow the different steps of the construction :






Progress of the structure and the floor of the box.


IMG_0245.jpg    IMG_0633.jpg





Junction footbridge Business Center, since the level 5, the subdivision glazed with blue vitrophanie.





The construction of Meudon’s Cultural Center is moving forward too !


la foto10.jpg


la foto14.jpg  P1070334.jpg




P1070340.jpg  P1070325.jpg










The Fédération Française de Tennis selected the Serero Architects Office for the restructuration of Jean-Bouin Stadium. (Roland-Garros)





The Greek governement annonced plans to set up a "Helleniko SA" company, responsible for the managment and exploitation of facilities of the former Helleniko Airport and surrounding properties. The new company will have an equity capital of 1,5m €.

To know more !




Video shoot of the Jali's clip, Espanola in the office ! Production : Chez Eddy

See the video clip here !




SERERO Architects wins the competition for the Museum of the Fromelles Fight (France)

Fromelles, France, July 19th 1916. Several battalions of the 5th australian Division bravely crosses the German front lines. Unfortunately, sure to the allies miscommunication, The German surrounded them, until the end of the battle in the morning of July 20. The injuried are cared for, prisoners interviewed, dead bodies gather and buried in five graves that remain unknown until a local historian reports them in 1999. Following field research and an exhumation in 2009, sponsored by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission on behalf of the Australian and British governements, 250 bodies were recovered and a cemetery was created in the territory of Fromelles to host them. The Museum of Fromelles fight is a tribute to this story, and is aiming at establishing a link between sky and earth, between visitors and the burial of soldiers.




SERERO Architects wins the competition for a job center in Nantes (France).

This new job center, with pentagonal shape is easily accessible to allow an optimal reception of the public. We have decided to offset the different levels of the building to organize it by programs corresponding to the three units : the job center and family allowances, the Regional Council and the district comity. These differents programs of the building are organize around a central space with a garden at the first floor which brings a soothing and quiet atmosphere to the whole place.



SERERO Architects wins the competition for the new cultural center of Meudon-La-Forêt (92).

view project here


David Serero will lecture at the "French Days of Oris" conference, which will take place in Dubrovnik on June 11, 2010. Invited speakers include: Alain Moatti, Duncan Lewis and Francois Roche.


SERERO Architects will create an installation for the « Transculturelles » at the Abattoirs de Casablanca along 10 international architects invited for the event. The show, curated by Tarik Oualalou and Linna Choi of Kilo Architectures will occur from the 5 to the 6th of June 2010.


::05.90.2010 to 09.19.2010
SERERO Architects projects will be featured at the exhibition WOOD 2010 at Virserum Art Museum in Sweden “…The immediate future for architecture will most likely be shaped by two factors, – the costs of and access to resources such as energy, labour, construction materials, transport, and a growing migration to urban areas. Looking further ahead, once the world has rid itself of its dependency on fossil fuels, we might find that current issues of clean water and adequate food supply become even more challenging…” Virserums Konsthall, Kyrkogatan 34, s-570 80 Virserum, Sweden.


Approval of design development of the Nantes Université restructuring for 8 auditoriums and public spaces.

view project here


SERERO Architects wins the competition for the new media center of Saint Hilaire (50). The project on the side of the City cathedral and cartel is expected to be completed by 2012.

view project here


David Serero launches a blog with the students of the group Développement of the Malaquais school of architecture in Paris.



Opening of the “FINN_topo” exhibition in Oulu, Finland. The show organized by Tapani Launis will be on display at the Artek showroom at the Helsinki city centre, Oulu and Tampere, Finland, from March to May 2010

The show present beside the Work of Serero Architecs, projects by Bjarge Ingels, Tom Wiscombe, Zaha Hadid, Michael Hensel, Greg Lynn, UN Studio Diller & Scofidio, FOA and Peter Eisenman.


The construction of the archeological museum of Breteuil (France) just started.

>view project


Project for the new aquatic center of Annemasse

>view project


Project for the movie theaters and media center of Saint-Malo

>view project


Beginning of design development of the Business Center in the Euroairport of Bâle-Mulhouse

>view project


SERERO Architectes is the first prize winner of the competition for the construction of an amphitheatre, a library and a workshop in the IUT of Amiens

>view project


David Serero is invited to lecture on Wood and scripting at the Generate Seminar in Oulu, Finland. The seminar is organized by the Algorithmic Architecture Project Group at the University of Oulu, Department of Architecture. Panel includes also :
Michael Hensel, Luis E. Fraguada , Martin Tamke, Markus Wikar, Toni Österlund, Eero Lundén (modérateur)

For more information :


SERERO Architectes is selected to design the business center of the Euroairport in Mulhouse

>view project


SERERO Architects moves  to a larger office space at 136 Avenue Parmentier, 75011 Paris.


SERERO Architects is selected for the new Business Center competition at Airport of Bale.


SERERO Architects is selected for the design of the new  public spaces of la Défense 1, located between  the  Hermitage Towers of Foster and Partners and the First Tower by Kohn Pedersen & Fox .

>more information


::04.24.2009 - 04.25.2009
SERERO Architects is invited to speak  on  "STRUCTURED ORNAMENT", at the 'IV Progressive Architecture Symposium',  Mexico City along Tom Wiscombe (Emergent Architecture), Nader Tehrani ( officed'A), Bill Massie ( Massie Architecture),  Mimi Hoang and Eric Bunge ( nArchitects) .  The conference is supported by a consortium of some of Mexico City's leading universities including: UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico), the UAS (Universidad Anahuac Mexico Sur), the ULSA (Universidad La Salle) and the ITESM (Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey).



Celebration of  the 120th birthday of the Eiffel Tower, SERERO Architects presents its project for the temporary platform at the EUROPE 1 radio station

>hear the inteview


Opening of the  Hotel BANKE ***** , the latest 5 stars hotel of Derby Hotels  in the center of Paris:

Hotel BANKE,   10 Rue Lafayette, 75009 Paris


Opening of the Exhibition "Museo de la Energia" featuring  SERERO Architects project in Ponferrada, Spain, II Avenida de la compostilla n2, 24400 Ponferrada (Léon)

>view project


SERERO Architects project for the new 1870 War museum  in Gravelotte is selected for the final competition phase.



Opening of the show  "MAKE IT WORK. Engineering Possibilities" (January 22 – April 25, 2009), at the Center for Architecture in New York, présenting lthe project EIFFEL DNA. 
"Charting the future of the built environment, MAKE IT WORK, will highlight cutting-edge research and projects that have far-reaching implications for the way we design and build.  The exhibition focuses on innovative engineering methods, including built case studies and research projects, and encompasses innovations happening domestically and internationally in material, information, systems, and form."


Opening of the exhibition "New facilities for Paris", Pavillon de l'Arsenal, 21 Bd Morland, 75004 Paris at 7H00PM showcasing  the project for the new School of Music of Paris .

>view project


Serero Architectes wins the architecture competition for the new  TECHNOPOLE INNOVIA of Damparis, France.















> view project



Serero Architects unveils its design for the extension of the Eiffel Tower. The project  will extend the top floor plate of the tower by grafting a high performance carbon Kevlar structure on it. The structure will be temporarily bolted to the slab without requiring any modification of the existing structure. It will expand the usable floor area from 280 m2 to 580m2.

>view project



Serero Architects wins the architecture competition for the new auditorium of Saint Cyprien - France

>view project


Watch here the  movie produced by Agence MUM on the Diaspora and Bénin Art Royal Exhibition at the Musée du Quai Branly.

>view movie



You can find here the public open call for contractors for the construction of the archeological museum of Breteuil designed by Nstudio in collaboration with Serero Architects.


Opening of  DIASPORA and BENIN, CINQ SIECLES D'ART ROYAL at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris, designed by SERERO Architects..

Diaspora is the first contemporary art show at the museum since its opening in June 2006 and presents 10 installations designed by David serero in collaboration with the artists of the exhibition.

Exposition sensorielle •

Collectif d'artistes Jean-Pierre Bekolo, Caroline Cartier, John Galliano, Agnès Godard,
Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, Brice Leboucq, ]eff Mills, Mathilde Monnier, Yousry Nasrallah
Avec la participation de Claire Denis et Lilian Thuram
Scénographie de David Serero

« Diaspora » incarne, au travers d'oeuvres d'art contemporain conçues spécialement pour cette exposition sensorielle, l'apport de la diaspora africaine dans les régions du monde qui l'ont reçue et qui la reçoivent. Elle montre quelles formes cette énergie positive a prise sur les chemins des exils. Artistes, créateurs et personnalités engagées s'approprient ce concept et proposent chacun une vision personnelle et originale de ce qu'évoquait, pour eux, la « diaspora ».
En contrepoint de l'exposition, le musée du quai Branly propose un cycle de cinéma conçu par Thierry ]ousse autour des différentes formes cinématographiques de la diaspora africaine, comme : Vaudou de Jacques Tourneur, Le sergent noir de ]ohn Ford, Carnets de note pour une Orestie africaine de Pier Paolo Pasolini... (accès libre / programmation disponible sur

>view the website of the Exhibition

>check the online forum on the exhibition at:


Abalos&Herreros, Mauger/Payet, Fantastic Agence and Serero Architects selected for the design of a 350 housing complex on the former train station of Auteuil in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris France.


Serero Architects is selected to redesign  6 hectares  of public spaces in La Défense, the business district of Paris.


New design for the Contemporary Art Museum of Shenzhen, China MOCAPE



Final review of the students of Serero and Hertweck at the School of Architecture Paris Malaquais



New design for the International Graphic design Center of Chaumont



Serero Architects is the local representative of spanich architect ABALOS&HERREROS and SENTKIEWICZ for an Urban study on new highrises in the outkirts of Paris


Public presentation of the Hellenikon Metropolitan Park project in Athens.


Student project presentation at the Paris Malaquais School of Architecture


Lecture at the Patras university of Architecture, Greece



Opening of the Exhibition "Computational Turn of Architecture" at the Maison de l'Architecture et de la Ville de Marseille, France  featuring the Acoustical Dome of Variable Geometry' s  prototypes and drawings


:: 27.11.2006
The Greek  Ministry of Construction, Planning and Environment, Mr. Soufias made a public announcement about the Hellenikon Metropolitan Park in 2009


:: 07.11.2006
The hellenikon Metropolitan Park project is exhibited at the “Zodchestvo-2006” The MOSCOW ARCHITECTURE FESTIVAL .



:: 01.11.2006
N!Studio and Serero selected for the competition for the extension of the Ecomuseum of Rennes.


:: 29.10.2006
Coignet and Serero win the Idea Competition for the Design of the Parc de la Hotoie in Amiens



:: 06.07.2006
Opening of the Installation Modulations by Serero and Coignet in the Jardin de Metis in Montjoli, Quebec.




:: 08.06.2006
Greek Minister of Environmental Affairs, Mr. Giorgos Souflias presented today the plan for the development of the Hellenikon area by the creation of a Metropolitan Park. Here is an extract of the press conference :

" I invited you today because we are ready to present our final decisions for the Hellenikon Metropolitan Park and also to announce that next week we are about to commission the 1st prize winners of the international competition, M. Serero, Mme Fernandez and M. Coignet, the creation of an updated Masterplan and by sectors a detailed design of the whole project. For this purpose we have already prepared a general conditions plan for the commission of the project's contract.

The creation of the Hellenikon Metropolitan Park is a very important project, the largest development project that has ever been planned for Greece, which is expected to improve the quality of life of the Athens area.

As you know the prominent position of the Hellenikon Airport within the city tissue and its size (530 Hectares), make it a unique element for the urban planning and the renewal of Athens and also the most important programme for Athens of the 21st century..."  >view the all conference transcript

> View Hellenikon Park Monitoring Page



:: 01.06.2006
Serero exhibitis "London climatics" at the LONDON ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE 2006, The World in One City, from the 16th to 25th of June 2006,

The Gallery, York Way, Regent Quarter, Kings Cross, London N1



:: 25.05.2006 to 28.05.2006
MIXEDMEDIA - ELECTRONIC CULTURE EVENT  New Media Art, Architecture, Sound & Audiovideo, Milan
Features work by Andrea Branzi, Asymptote, Decoi, Peter Eisenman, Greg Lynn, MVRDV, UN Studio, Serero/Iterae, Zaha Hadid and more. May 25-28 h. 12.00/19.30 - Hangar Bicocca, Viale Sarca 336, Milano
Curators: Paolo Rigamonti
, Silvio Mondino, Gianluca Milesi, Marco Mancuso


:: 12.05.2006
N!Studio and Serero Architects win the first prize in the competition for the new Archeology Museum of Froissy, France.




:: 04.05.2006
Lecture at the School of Architecture Paris Malaquais  as part of the symposium "Technology Matters" organized by Philippe Morel with Peter Macapia, Lukas Feireiss, Giorgos Artopoulos, Stanislas Roudavski, Valérie Chatelet, Philippe Coignet, Christian Girard and Alexis Meier, on 04.05.2006 from 14H00 to 18H00 in the Amphiteatre 2 Des Loges, at the Ecole des Beaux Arts of Paris.


:: 02.05.2006
Party Launch in New York  for the Perspecta 38 magazine "Architecture After All", the Yale University Journal with contribution  of Serero, Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

6:30–8:30 PM, USM Modular Furniture, 28-30 Greene Street, Between Grand and Canal, New York

Editors:Forth Bagley, Ceren Bingol, Marcus Carter, Christopher Marcinkoski



:: 01.04.2006
David Serero
selected for the competition for the XVIII century furniture gallery at the Musée du Louvre in Paris in collaboration with Richard Peduzzi


:: 30.03.2006

Serero is the local associate for Abalos & Herreros, the  Madrid based architectural firm for the Rue du Chevaleret Housing building competition in Paris organized by Semapa Paris Rive Gauche.


:: 18.03.2006

Philipp Barman and David Serero wins first phase competition for the new office tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) . The 160 m bioclimatic skyscraper, urban and landscape design will be the new landmark of Jeddah.


:: 12.03.2006
Selected for the design of the AFRICAN DIASPORA and the ARTS OF NIGER AND BENOUE exhibition at the Musée du Quai Branly, the Arts Premiers museum designed by Jean Nouvel in Paris. The show includes 15 original video work and the curators are  film director Claire Denis and the historian Hélène Joubert. Sound environment design by Jeff Mills and Brice Leboucq. Expected opening September 2007



:: 25.02.2006
Completion of the new office building for the Arcade Group Headquarters in Puteaux-La Defense, Paris.

:: 17.01.2006
Nstudio and David Serero selected for the competition for the new Musée d'Archeologie de la Brèche et de la Noye à Froissy, France.

:: 12.01.2005 to 12.11.2005
David Serero presents the Acoustical Domes at the BEYOND MEDIA 05 SCRIPT, the 8th I
NTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARCHITECTURE AND MEDIA, Italy with the support of the Istituto Francese di Firenze. The show called SCRIPT includes the Acoustical Domes Prototypes and generative scripts.

:: 17.09.2005 - 30.09.2005
Opening Installation ACOUSTICAL DOMES OF VARIABLE GEOMETRY in the Grand Salon at the
Villa Medici, Rome

:: 05.16. 2005
Présentation of the FICTIVE THEATER OF SCRIBONUS CURION at the pavillon Balthus at the Villa Medici, Rome

:: 04.15. 2005
Lecture of David Serero
«Evolution et Itération » at the INARCH, the National Institute of Architecture in Rome, organized by Luigi Prestinenza and Susanna Ferrini, at Acer, via Villa Patrizi 11, Rome

:: 04.03. 2005
Studio visitof David Serero at the Villa Medici, Rome curated by Marcello Smarrelli

:: 02.14.2005 - 02.25.2005
Workshop « Diagrammes » at the Ecole


 d’Architecture Paris Malaquais

in Paris with A.Meier



:: 12.21. 2004
Opening exhibition
« Architecture Research 1950-2000 » at the Mori Museum in Tokyo organized by the Frac Centre, showing Ghost Track by Degré Zéro


:: 24.09.2004 to 26.09.2004
Serero gives talk with A. Descombes at the
Non Standard Architecture Symposium organized by Mark Goulthorpe |Decoi at MIT, Boston

:: 30.05.2004
David Serero received the ROME PRIZE 2004-2005, a one year research fellowship at the French Academy at the
Villa Médicisin Rome.

:: 04.05.2004
s the first prize in the International Competition for the Hellenikon Metropolitan Park in Athens, Greece. Located on the site of the former International Airport of Athens and the 2004 Olympic village developed “Softscapes” trough discrete computation of topography to modify water drainage patterns on the 530 hectares.